It feels as if you are trying to swallow the world but, as you open your mouth, so does the earth. Ouroboros. The feeling of wholeness. You write to feel whole, Even as you give pieces of yourself to the page. You write to feel pure, Even as you dirty the page with your thoughts….

Popped to Prague!

I recently got back from a quick trip to Prague! I went with a friend and we spent about three days there. It is so beautiful! All of the buildings are in different styles but similar pastel colouring so it all ties in together so nicely. Every street looks like it could be a film set….


One of my closest friends recently shared Katie Hopkins’ post about the sickness of our society, which you can read here. I was a bit shocked to see my friend share a post by a woman who has made a living out of spitting out divisive and hateful rhetoric but, as I read it, I…


I will roar for you. You do not need me to, You are perfectly capable of defending yourself. But when I see the vultures circling, I am overcome with a need to protect you. These ingrates have my back arched, My mouth snarling into a growl. I feel savage. But instead, I dip my words…

What I Actually Got for my Birthday

Just last week I posted my birthday list post which you can read here. I would like to point out that I did not receive anything on that list… but then it was riddled with made up services which would have been hard to come by. Here are all of my favourite things that I…



I am officially 24.

My Clothes and I – The Guardian archive

While doing research for another blog post, I stumbled along this article by The Guardian. It’s from their archive and its an interview with a school girl from 1960 about her clothes. I absolutely loved this article. It’s so original and sweet. Like just allowing a teenager to talk about herself, her problems, her likes and dislikes….

A Comprehensive Birthday List

First of all, an apology to any friends or family members reading this in the hopes that I had finally decided on what I wanted for my birthday. I mean, I have – but none of this can be purchased on Amazon. Soz. Again. A Personal Declutterer Not an actual job title (I don’t think??)…

History of Plus Size Fashion

Plus size fashion actually began in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century when ready to wear fashion became increasingly popular. Before then, clothes were hand made or professionally created to fit individual bodies. You’d hope that this meant that it wouldn’t matter what size you were but this did not stop society pressing the idea of an “ideal weight” on to…

Getting My History Fix

If you’re not a fan of delving into dusty books to learn more about history then I totally understand. Except that I don’t because my god that dusty book smell gives me LIFE. But sometimes its just not feasible to read history books and that I do understand. So here are some other ways you can get your…