Wednesday Wishlist V.

❤ This leather circle bag from here. If you’ve seen my previous Treasure for a Tenner, you’ll know that I am a sucker for an odd shaped bag. One that’s big enough for all my uni stuff = heart eyes emoji. ❤ This Friends inspired sweatshirt from here.  Technically the green one should be a […]

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TV Review: Wynonna Earp

Okay, so I’m two years late to the Wynonna Earp fan party but I’m partying hard nonetheless because this show is the TITS. The story follows Wynonna Earp, descendant of the gunslinger Wyatt Earp, who is cursed to put down the demon reincarnations of the men and women Wyatt killed during his lifetime. Helping her/practically […]

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Wednesday Wishlist IV.

❤ This amazing vintage Hermes scarf. Look at the detail and the colours. I am in love! Title: Turbans des Reines Artist: Michele Szabo Year(s) of issue: 1997 Available from here. ❤ These Dior glasses from here. I love the clear frame so they can go with every outfit. ❤ These stunning Doc Marten’s in […]

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Bitch Killed My Vibes

Do you ever have those times in your life when you just cannot access your vibes? Its like my head is filled with glue. I can’t write, I can’t pick up on my gut feelings, I can’t think how to decorate my home… I try to do it and I get stuck in the glue. […]

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Wednesday wishlist III.

I seem to have seen amazing jewellery every where recently and my faves have made it onto this week’s Wednesday Wishlist. ❤ These gold climber earrings from Benittamoko on Etsy.   ❤ These aquamarine studs from Dear Survivor at mysister.org ❤ This blue tourmaline ring from the new A/W 17 collection from Regal Rose. Whats on your […]

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❤ I recently saw this picture on one of my favourite Instagram accounts @documentingfashion_courtauld I love everything about this picture and the outfit. The blouse with the unusual collar detail, the small icon on the left side, the skirt and, most importantly, that BELT. Luckily YSL offer one similar that is just perfect and I want it. […]


Fast Fashion Kills

In a recent Vogue article, the headline asked ‘Did You Know Sweatshops Exist In The UK?’ and truthfully? I had no freakin’ clue. Sweatshops are currently present in the city of Leicester with unethical companies operating under multiple names. They pay on average £3.00 per hour for hard work in locations not suitable for entering let alone […]

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We should divorce, he says. I open my mouth, To negotiate, to compromise, To beg, to plead   A single moth escapes. I start to scream, My entire body shakes with the sound, But it is the fluttering of thousands of wings.   I burst apart. Flying off into a hundred directions, Each of them […]

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It is 1am as I write this and I have just finished the last episode of BBC’s Clique. Holy fucking hell. Is it even possible for a show to be this good? WHO KNEW. Summary: The show follows Holly and Georgia, long time best friends at Edinburgh Uni when Georgia gets in with what is […]

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wednesday wishlist i.

  ❤ This Marni Trunk Bag in white but it retails at £1,340. If I ever win the lottery – this is the bag I am going to buy. I just wish I could find a high street version! Available here. ❤ This Feminist AF Denim Jacket from Premme. Sadly, they only ship to the […]

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We have always been too like the fire, We took to love like a flame to the wick, A surge of light before settling. I thought we would burn out, I thought that our love would consume us, Leave us blackened and brittle. But our little flame sways in the night air, It bends with […]


When Football Banned Women review

  As a gal who loves women’s history with a boyfriend who loves football, When Football Banned Women was the perfect Sunday afternoon documentary for us two. Hosted by Clare Balding, the documentary dives into the 1921 Football Association Ban on women’s football at its peak of popularity and its repercussions for the sport. We […]

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Popped to Prague!

I recently got back from a quick trip to Prague! I went with a friend and we spent about three days there. It is so beautiful! All of the buildings are in different styles but similar pastel colouring so it all ties in together so nicely. Every street looks like it could be a film set. […]

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One of my closest friends recently shared Katie Hopkins’ post about the sickness of our society, which you can read here. I was a bit shocked to see my friend share a post by a woman who has made a living out of spitting out divisive and hateful rhetoric but, as I read it, I […]

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I will roar for you. You do not need me to, You are perfectly capable of defending yourself. But when I see the vultures circling, I am overcome with a need to protect you. These ingrates have my back arched, My mouth snarling into a growl. I feel savage. But instead, I dip my words […]

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A Comprehensive Birthday List

First of all, an apology to any friends or family members reading this in the hopes that I had finally decided on what I wanted for my birthday. I mean, I have – but none of this can be purchased on Amazon. Soz. Again. A Personal Declutterer Not an actual job title (I don’t think??) […]

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History of Plus Size Fashion

Plus size fashion actually began in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century when ready to wear fashion became increasingly popular. Before then, clothes were hand made or professionally created to fit individual bodies. You’d hope that this meant that it wouldn’t matter what size you were but this did not stop society pressing the idea of an “ideal weight” on to […]

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Getting My History Fix

If you’re not a fan of delving into dusty books to learn more about history then I totally understand. Except that I don’t because my god that dusty book smell gives me LIFE. But sometimes its just not feasible to read history books and that I do understand. So here are some other ways you can get your […]

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