Give the Gift of Herstory

It’s one week til Christmas. You’re stressed. Your Christmas ‘to buy for’ list seems to be rivaling Santa’s own. You know that your loved ones deserve something special but you just can’t figure out what to get them…

I suggest to you Herstory! These books show that you know your friend and they get to learn more about what they’re passionate about. It’s a win-win. Team it up with their favourite chocolates and/or alcohol and you’ve got a thoughtful gift without spending big bucks. Extra points if you write a little note in the book cover!

For the friend that… really freakin’ loves super hero movies

 The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

A look into the creator of Wonder Woman and how he was heavily influenced by the women in his life, the suffragist movement and the warrior princesses of the Amazon in creating the comic book.

For the friend that… would trample over you to get to the next shoe sale

Shoes: An Illustrated History by Rebecca Shawcross

The history of shoes from Louis XIV to Louboutin, revealing the culture and society morals along the way. Plus endless pictures of shoes. Its a winner.

For the friend that… can yell for her sports team louder than anyone else in the pub

Nike Is A Goddess: The History of Women in Sports

The history and rise of women in sports told through the original stories of professional female athletes.

For the friend that… spends most of her money and time planning her next big adventure

Unsuitable for Ladies by Jane Robinson

A collection of travel writings from women who traveled before it was cool. Separated by theme, these chapters show that there are few areas of the world that women have not traveled to.

 Are you looking forward to Christmas? Think you’re gonna buy one of these for a loved one? Let me know on Twitter @JoanneDevane

Happy holidays!

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