The (Very Brief) History of Galentine’s Day

I first heard of Galentine’s Day when my friend got me into Parks and Recreation a couple of years ago. Enthusiastic character Leslie Knope has a brunch every 13th February to celebrate female friend love. And thus, Galentine’s Day was born.

I instantly fell in love with the idea. A day to celebrate female friendship, women supporting women, boosting each other up instead of tearing each other down… Well, that’s alright by me.

The original episode aired in February 2010. From Google trends, you can see the tiny little bump when it came out. People were interested. And no wonder. Over time, the notion and support of Galentine’s Day has only grown.

What started off as a sitcom joke has hit off BIG TIME. Feminists all over the world have encouraged the notion of celebration lady friendships and companies have started ad campaigns, encouraging you to not only treat yo self but also your closest lady friends.

Even supermarkets are on board. You can watch the Tesco advert here, encouraging you to buy fresh flowers for the best ladies in your life.

(Although, Galentine’s isn’t just for you when you’re single. It’s about knowing the importance of your friends and wanting to celebrate that support)

Last year, InStyle magazine ran an online article with the headline ‘Forget Valentine’s Day – Your Besties Will Love These Galentine’s Day Beauty Gifts‘ showing how Galentine’s Day has officially gone mainstream.

 (Image from InStyle)

This year, it’s all about throwing the perfect Galentine’s brunch with Anthropologie suggesting activities, Elle Décor showing how to set a picture perfect brunch table and Joy the Baker recommending the tastiest brunch treats.

 (Image from Elle Decor)

Even celebrities are on board with Shay Mitchell (of Pretty Little Liars fame) wearing a BFF necklace in tribute to her BFFship with co-star Ashley Benson.

 (Image from Twist Magazine)

Um, I want one?

So whatever you are up to on this friendliest of days, be sure to send a quick text to your closest gals, letting them know how much you appreciate their support in these trying times. I mean 2017 woulda sucked without women this year… and its only February!

Let me know if you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day and how on Twitter @JoanneDevane.

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