Getting My History Fix

If you’re not a fan of delving into dusty books to learn more about history then I totally understand.

Except that I don’t because my god that dusty book smell gives me LIFE.
But sometimes its just not feasible to read history books and that I do understand. So here are some other ways you can get your history fix.

 Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast


Part of the How Stuff Works set, these podcasts with Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey are so informative. They’re well-researched and well-presented and sometimes the pair will dissolve into giggles at the ridiculousness of History. The topics are so diverse, there is sure to be something for you.

Museum Hack newsletter

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Museum Tour is the tag line of this creative history website which aims to look at museums in a new light.

“Our un-highlights tour puts an alternative spin on the museum, featuring other sides to the highlights we love, as well as some of the strangest, wildest, sexiest stories hidden throughout the museum.” Sounds good to me!

Signing up to their newsletter was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’ve received articles such as ‘4 Historic Female Friendships That Are Total #SquadGoals’ straight to my inbox.

Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast

Another podcast part of the How Stuff Works set but this one is just too good to leave off the list. Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin did such a great job with this podcast, looking at womanhood from every angle and frequently delving into the history behind current stereotypes and previously held notions of women’s psychology and biology.

Check out their website here.

 Ten Minute History channel on Youtube

If you want some World History explained to you quickly and painlessly, then this is the place to go. The ten minute videos are animated are funny and easy to understand. While quite basic, they explained the French Revolution to me better than an hour lecture on the subject ever did.

Check out their channel here.

What’s your favourite way of consuming history? Do you get your fix any other way? Let me know on Twitter @JoanneDevane 

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