My Clothes and I – The Guardian archive

While doing research for another blog post, I stumbled along this article by The Guardian. It’s from their archive and its an interview with a school girl from 1960 about her clothes.

I absolutely loved this article. It’s so original and sweet. Like just allowing a teenager to talk about herself, her problems, her likes and dislikes. It’s so subtly empowering and interesting – giving her a voice and an audience to just talk freely. I really recommend you read the full article, available at the end of The Guardian’s extract, because you find out extra things about Nicolette (great name!).

 (The Observer, Sunday, March 13 1960)

In a few words, I feel like I really understand Nicolette, her insecurities, her fashion sense and her goals in life. So I’ve decided that I will be interviewing my dearest friends about their clothes –  what pieces make them feel special, sexy, comfy, nerdy. All will be revealed.

So watch this space for my new feature, ‘The Clothes that Shaped Me’!

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