One of my closest friends recently shared Katie Hopkins’ post about the sickness of our society, which you can read here.

I was a bit shocked to see my friend share a post by a woman who has made a living out of spitting out divisive and hateful rhetoric but, as I read it, I can see why.

Throughout the article, Hopkins speaks about the poor mothers who have lost their children for going to an event meant to be fun and exciting and she demands that it never happens again.

In this, I agree.

She speaks about how fake it sounds for politicians to discuss being too strong to be broken by this.

In this, I agree as well. It does sound fake… but only because we are currently too close to this to feel strong. We have been been hurt. Our children have been hurt. Her entire article seems like a letter of defeat and for that, I can understand. Right now, we are defeated. We have had the breath knocked out of us. She demands her readers to ‘try and deny you don’t feel a little bit less’ when to do so would be to act as if we are unfeeling when faced with the brutal and tragic loss of our children and young people.

She speaks about how we are worn down by it all…

Here is where are views drastically differ.

Because, even when we have been hurt, it does not mean that we will not rise.

I do not share her view that that we are ‘too sick to be saved’ and I do not appreciate her spreading this message during such a crisis. It okay to admit that we are hurt and weary but lets not use this to spread hateful messages.

She says “If anything, united in one place, we are an easier target.” to try and deter people from attending rallies and memorials which could encourage understanding and healing between communities.

But its in the final paragraphs where the real reason for the article becomes clear…  as she begins defending her earlier tweet calling for a ‘final solution’.

“Terrorists don’t give a stuff what I tweet or write or say.”

No, but the thousands of Muslim people will feel the effect of your writing as you use language associated with a GENOCIDE. It will bleed into your readers thoughts and actions and turn people against each other.

Even as she later changed it to, a ‘true solution’. What does that look like in Hopkins’ head?

Doing the same horrific act to them as done to us? Killing children of others as retribution?

The reason why we choose to ‘stand united’ and to face this with humour like the #BritishThreatLevels is because it is a way to reduce the anguish we feel. It also stops us from resorting to mindless anger and committing atrocities equal to the ones done to us. We know better. We must be better.

“I have decided to stick with love, for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems… a strong demanding love….hate is too great a burden to bear”
– Martin Luther King, Jr

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