Popped to Prague!

I recently got back from a quick trip to Prague! I went with a friend and we spent about three days there. It is so beautiful! All of the buildings are in different styles but similar pastel colouring so it all ties in together so nicely. Every street looks like it could be a film set.

While being a tourist, I picked up on a few things..

  1. Beer/cider is about the same price as coke. Yaaaaaaaaasss 18a874fb760ebded22728752cb574305
  2. If you use the tram, get your ticket validated on the tram ASAP. (My friend and I got taken off the tram and forced to pay a 800 CZK fee because we hadn’t looked at the ticket properly… Sad times).
  3. Restaurants in Old Town Square are unnecessarily expensive.  I’m talking £15 for chicken and chips.
  4. The Astronomical Clock is beautiful…. not really worth queuing to see it bong though. But do grab a Clock magnet at one of the little tourist shops. They are cuteIMG_4472
  6. Charles Bridge is worth it for the architecture and the stalls. There is also this really great restaurant on the Old Town Square side which has a viewing deck. We went at night and the views were amazing. IMG_4457

I would absolutely go again! It was sunny, it was beautiful and there was a quite a lot to do. Museums, art galleries, castle, churches… I could easily have spent a month there. In fact, I might just start planning my trip back…




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  1. Where on Earth do you live that you can just pop to Prague 🙂 Oh my goodness I’m jealous. Takes 21-24 hours to get to Europe from Australia (not including stop overs!)


    1. I live in England! 24 hours!! Eeesh 😬 That does not sound fun 🙊 You would definitely need a month in Prague to get over the trauma of travelling there!


  2. Marika Lomax says:

    I just went to Prague last summer! Gorgeous place but we too found it very overpriced.. my blog post is over on my blog if you fancy having a read! X


    1. Some parts of it were so cheap and other parts were just like woahhhh. I shall have a nosey at your post! 🙂


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