Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic Series

I don’t know if its the nice weather or because I have a break from uni until September but I have fallen in love with reading again.

I have been devouring book series and my favourite one has been A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab.


The series follows Kell, a young man who can travel between four Londons (and their respective worlds) by using blood magic. He does so at the behest of the rulers of Red London, his London, where the royal family have adopted Kell. He lives in the palace with his brother Prince Rhy and travels as an ambassador to Grey London where magic has dwindled away and White London where magic is used desperately and dangerously to hold on to power. No one dares go to Black London where magic swallowed the world.

Soon Kell’s travels go awry after he meets Lila Bard, a street rat who robs him of something very special and dangerous, saves his life and then demands that he takes on her on a proper adventure.

The series grows as the tensions between the four worlds shifts with the magic and the actions of the rulers. Kell, Rhy and Lila try to forge their own lives within the power shift but end up coming together to defeat the largest threat faced by all the worlds combined.

(Elaborated from here)


These are the kind of books where you stay up until four in the morning because you need to know what happens. Schwab’s writing is beautifully paced and wonderfully created. It is hard enough to create one world to write in and Schwab creates four. The characters are fully fleshed out. You root for them, you want to yell at them when they’re acting so pig headed, you want them to fall in love and be happy and you want to be part of their lives. Literally, in any way. Ideally, I would be their friend but I would also settle for accidentally bumping into them in Grey London for like 4 seconds.

I also want to be Lila Bard so bad. She’s so freakin’ cool and smart and reckless. I freakin’ love her.


Six of Crows series, the Raven Cycle series and the Lunar Chronicles, I really think you will fall head over heels with this series. It has that ensemble feel where you get to see the development of the group dynamics through out the books and I am a sucker for that.


Kell is able to travel through the worlds due to his Antari nature… marked by a single black eye. I couldn’t resist the look.

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