It is 1am as I write this and I have just finished the last episode of BBC’s Clique. Holy fucking hell.

Is it even possible for a show to be this good? WHO KNEW.

Summary: The show follows Holly and Georgia, long time best friends at Edinburgh Uni when Georgia gets in with what is basically a financial girl gang headed by the their university lecturer (played by Louise Brealey who is FANTASTIC). Georgia becomes more and involved with the girls who all intern at their lecturer’s financial company. But something is off about the way Georgia is acting and the internship isn’t all as it seems.

In a sentence: The Bold Type meets Gone Girl.




We’re talking MAJOR SPOILERS HERE so continue scrolling at your own risk.





Review: My favourite thing is that its not just about female friendship but its about female villainy too. Before the reveal about who the real mastermind was, I was feeling a bit deflated about Alistair McDermid being the main Bad Guy. Haven’t we had enough of men treating women like absolute horse shit in TV shows and movies and, worst of all, being seen as “clever” for doing it?

In a show that celebrates women and their drive to succeed, it felt only right that the drive to success could become twisted in a woman, as it did in the men. As Rachel said “we were all playing our own game”. Of freakin’ course that included these young women who had scrapped to get a place at that company.

Even more so, it wasn’t just the drive to succeed that had got twisted. As the final episode continues, you see that it was also the female friendship between Rachel Maddox and Holly that truly brought about the misery. It showed the female friendships, while supportive and caring can also be intense and destructive.

Overall, this is probably one of my favourite shows of 2017 and I hope this encourages you to go and watch it while its still on BBC iPlayer.

Rating out of 5: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤






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