Treasure for a Tenner (September)

In a recent post, I discussed the detrimental impact that Fast Fashion was having on workers and the earth. I made a promise to myself to try my best to not buy from any fast fashion retailers. In a bid to also save money, I have decided to stick to buying pieces that I truly treasure from charity/thrift shops, eBay, Depop etc and can only spend £10.00 per month.

My wardrobe is already full so I really don’t need to spend any more than that and I only want things to take up space if I truly love them.

So… welcome to the new feature!


To kick us off, I want to show you a bag I bought on eBay. If you’ve been following my Wednesday Wishlists, you’ll know that I’ve been interested in buying a white bag with a twist. While trawling through eBay for the perfect one, I discovered this:

FullSizeRender (7)


Now it is not quite white – it is actually a really pale blue but I loved the design of it too much to be fussed about the colour. It is a structured barrel bag or, as my boyfriend calls it, my “biscuit tin” bag. And it was just £9.99. It was originally £30.00 from M&S so I knew it was going to be good quality.



It is perfect for all day and night as the light colour is more daytime-y and I added the black and white scarf to make it a bit more fancy.  I wear a lot of black, white and blue so it seemed like a nice combination.

For my first treasure hunt, I am preeeetty impressed with myself. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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