Bitch Killed My Vibes

kalani-hilliker-good-vibes-860x500Do you ever have those times in your life when you just cannot access your vibes? Its like my head is filled with glue. I can’t write, I can’t pick up on my gut feelings, I can’t think how to decorate my home… I try to do it and I get stuck in the glue.

It is stressing me out.

I want to get back in touch with that side of me so I’m going to try to:

  1. Get outside more often – Elizabeth I used to wake early and take a morning walk around the palace grounds and she used to run a freakin’ country. I did this today (sans palace) and, while my head is still quite glue-y, I got so many great pictures of the local area to get my creative juices flowing. I think it could really help me if I kept it up.
  2. Get ready and show up – I feel like creativity is a sport sometimes. Yes, you need some natural tendencies towards it but you also need to practice and you need the equipment (even if its just a pen and paper). So, I’m going to try and get dressed (i.e. not be in my dressing gown until midday because I can) and tidy up my flat enough so that when I am ready to read or write or doodle, I do not have any distractions like “is that popcorn on my floor and can I still eat it?”.
  3. Work it like you stole it – For my writing specifically, I think ‘work it like you stole it’ is something that could really help me get back into writing, even if its just writing a drabble of someone else’s characters or in someone else’s world/setting.

These are just a few things that I’m going to try until I get my vibes back and, if in doubt, I’m just going to follow the advice of ‘Write Drunk, Edit Sober’…  Although without the editing part because that’s The Worst. So really, I’m just gonna get drunk!


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