Whenever I move house, I always forget how stressful it is. I imagine its like giving birth (but y’know without the intolerable pain). You get so excited about how happy you’re going to be and this new thing in your life that you forget about the pain of moving heavy boxes, the emotionally charged packing and the arguments with your partner about what you’re going to eat while your kitchen stuff is in transit (just us? OK).

But we are finally in. We have two beautiful new kittens and we have gas central heating and double glazing. YAS.

I still haven’t had the time to unpack properly (or the motivation). I still haven’t organised my office. And I still haven’t found the perfect place for my yoga mat which I SWEAR I WILL USE EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. Honestly, I’m so inflexible and unhealthy that a sun salutation might finish me off but I am determined to try.

Will absolutely show pictures of the new house once I’ve unpacked. In the meantime, have pictures of Marco and Delilah.


Delilah, sitting pretty


Marco, pounce ready

Hope you’re happy and healthy!


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