Wednesday Wishlist VII.

This week's Wednesday Wishlist is inspired by Grece Ghanem! You can see her amazing Instagram here. I recently saw her in a VICE video from September which was doing the rounds on my Facebook timeline and she just looked breathtakingly put-together. As a sloppy dresser (comfies and jumpers all the way), I was immediately taken in … Continue reading Wednesday Wishlist VII.


Welcome to the Tech Version! ❤ I love these Ava wireless headphones from Urban Outfitters. I have a few ear piercings (included a scaffold piercing) and I wear glasses so headphones have to be comfy. These definitely look like they have enough padding! ❤ This stunning 13 inch MacBook Pro from Apple (obvs). Look at … Continue reading WEDNESDAY WISHLIST VI.

Wednesday Wishlist V.

❤ This leather circle bag from here. If you've seen my previous Treasure for a Tenner, you'll know that I am a sucker for an odd shaped bag. One that's big enough for all my uni stuff = heart eyes emoji. ❤ This Friends inspired sweatshirt from here.  Technically the green one should be a … Continue reading Wednesday Wishlist V.

Wednesday Wishlist IV.

❤ This amazing vintage Hermes scarf. Look at the detail and the colours. I am in love! Title: Turbans des Reines Artist: Michele Szabo Year(s) of issue: 1997 Available from here. ❤ These Dior glasses from here. I love the clear frame so they can go with every outfit. ❤ These stunning Doc Marten's in … Continue reading Wednesday Wishlist IV.


❤ I recently saw this picture on one of my favourite Instagram accounts @documentingfashion_courtauld I love everything about this picture and the outfit. The blouse with the unusual collar detail, the small icon on the left side, the skirt and, most importantly, that BELT. Luckily YSL offer one similar that is just perfect and I want it. … Continue reading WEDNESDAY WISHLIST II.

Fast Fashion Kills

In a recent Vogue article, the headline asked 'Did You Know Sweatshops Exist In The UK?' and truthfully? I had no freakin' clue. Sweatshops are currently present in the city of Leicester with unethical companies operating under multiple names. They pay on average £3.00 per hour for hard work in locations not suitable for entering let alone … Continue reading Fast Fashion Kills