I don’t want to talk of the moon or the stars Because when I’m crying at night alone I don’t feel like stardust I don’t feel like I have a galaxy inside of me   I am not celestial I am not a constellation In perfect arrangement I am not a universe   That starry … Continue reading DAWN.


Whenever I move house, I always forget how stressful it is. I imagine its like giving birth (but y'know without the intolerable pain). You get so excited about how happy you're going to be and this new thing in your life that you forget about the pain of moving heavy boxes, the emotionally charged packing … Continue reading Pro-cat-stination


We should divorce, he says. I open my mouth, To negotiate, to compromise, To beg, to plead   A single moth escapes. I start to scream, My entire body shakes with the sound, But it is the fluttering of thousands of wings.   I burst apart. Flying off into a hundred directions, Each of them … Continue reading Apart


We have always been too like the fire, We took to love like a flame to the wick, A surge of light before settling. I thought we would burn out, I thought that our love would consume us, Leave us blackened and brittle. But our little flame sways in the night air, It bends with … Continue reading COLD BURN

Popped to Prague!

I recently got back from a quick trip to Prague! I went with a friend and we spent about three days there. It is so beautiful! All of the buildings are in different styles but similar pastel colouring so it all ties in together so nicely. Every street looks like it could be a film set. … Continue reading Popped to Prague!