4 months.

June June is fire And everything is burning The city, the sea, the fields It finally claims me In a thin, white heat Along both of my wrists Somebody sounds the alarm And my family arrive like firefighters Dressed in too big uniforms How do you tell them you Don't want to be saved when … Continue reading 4 months.

Strict Self-Care

#SelfCare has been a trend or so for the last year, particularly with brands jumping on board to say that this particular candle will help your well-being or this face mask will reset your skin... and your life. For some people, self care isΒ as simple as lighting incense and chilling the fuck out. In my … Continue reading Strict Self-Care


I pull the covers up To their shoulders And dim the lights Tell me a truth, they say Sleep slurring their words The world is full Of beauty Of cruelty What of me, they ask Eyes wide, sleep forgotten As you are my world, I say You will be beautiful And cruel I don't want … Continue reading Choose.


My mother is a plum tree, Small in size But overladen with worth The winter frost is harsh, Plucking the bones of her And leaving her empty But when I am desperate And starving, She revives me with sweetness Because of my mother, My children will sit beneath her Juice trickling down their chins

Fight me, 2018.

My New Years Resolutions are the same as they always are. In fact, this post was actually from a previous blog of mine last year. The thing is, my resolutions are always the same because I think they're things that you can constantly improve. I'm always going to want to get fitter, eat better, learn … Continue reading Fight me, 2018.

2017’s Done List

The end of the year is always a period of reflection and everyone and their cat is looking back on 2017 and thinking, 'What have I really done?'. Usually this question would send me into a spiral of 'fuck, I've done nothing for 365 days' but this year, I can proudly say that I did … Continue reading 2017’s Done List